Quality Policy

NOXAE –Stainless Steel Equipaments , Automation & Electric, Lda., it's a company based in Vale de Cambra, connected to the branches of stainless steel equipments, automation and electricity.
The Company bets own activities in the following vectors:


Satisfaction of Customers & Interested Parts

Through the scrupulous compliance of the agreed requirements and the surpassing of the expectations of these.


Quality Safety and Inovation of Products & Solutions

Ensuring strict compliance with legal constraints.


Bet on Continuous Improvement Organizational Performance

At level of its quality management system and the level of its products.


However, Customer Satisfaction has to be achieved in a profitable way, to ensure the continuity of the company, therefore, we must all bear in mind that aspects of enhancing productivity, eliminating waste and individual responsibility are fundamental. The activities included in the Quality Management System are established, effectively implemented and documented in the Quality Manual, following a process-based approach in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard. NOXAE - Stainless Steel Equipment, Automation and Electrical, Ltd., is committed to the critical analysis of the Quality Management System, as an essential tool for organizational optimization and continuous improvement, counting on the contribution of all.

This Quality Policy is avaiable ath the NOXAE's Homepage - Section quality.

Version 5 - PQ / 05 - 30 January 2018

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