Automation & Control

Electrical Cabinets

Design, assembly and installation of electrical
switchboards of power, control and command for
various systems and environment types; -Design in
accordance with the requirements of EN 60439.1, thus
ensuring a uniform implementation following the
established standards; -The switchboards are
accompanied by test reports and EC declaration of
conformity, giving the customer full guarantee that there
is compliance with the various legal
requirementsDesign process logs supervision easy and
intuitive operation. Process fully or partially automated

Industrial Automation

Based on a young and dynamic team with extensive
experience, Noxae prepares electrical and
industrial automation projects tailored to the customer's
needs (key-in-hand). One of our biggest advantages is
the technical support we provide. We assume a
continuous approach in the pursuit of the latest
technologies and in the enhancement of our products
and services, investing in research, development and
qualification of our employees. This is the only way that
we can offer our customers the most secure and
advanced systems, always taking into account its
efficiency and profitability. 
We can program the most part of PLC brands in the market.

HMI Building

The HMI systems enable the operator to interact with
the production process. With appealing, intuitive,
functional and reliable designs which allow for
monitoring and / or control of the entire facility. The
monitoring can be controlled locally or distributed
geographically. Today, and with the proliferation of
tablets, it is possible to carry out mobile monitoring.

Industrial Networks

We configure and supply industrial networks according the needs of the systems and the final customer.
Ethernet, Profibus, Interbus and other protocols of communications we are able to build.
This kind of networks are good for registry database and communications between old/new equipments installed in the customer.

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