This is our timeline & how it happens !

19 October 2005                           


With 3 partners happen the registration of the company in the Portuguese authority & Chamber of Commerce  .

2005 to 2007

Beginning & creating maket status

Start making furniture in stainless steel for restaurant kitchens & industrial food catering companies.
Also making stainless steel balcony safe rail for apartments & houses.    


Company restructure

One of the partners leave the company and the remain partners take over the company with 50% - 50% shares distribution.

2009 to 2011

Soft Drinks Companies & Food diaries

In 2009, NOXAE start projects in the food for babies area, recipe & mixing powders for the production of food for babies & children.
Also in the soft-drinks industries we make a couple of projects.   


Grow up & Social Capital Increase

In 2011 NOXAE, become more solid & raise the capital social from € 5.000,00 to € 30.000,00 to face the challenges of the new markets conquested


Paint Companies, production of INK

In 2012, NOXAE spread the supply in the area of painting production companies, we built a project for recipe & mixing components for production of INK.
NOXAE was recognized by customer by the excelent job done in the project.  

2013 to 2015

Research & Partnership

NOXAE invest time & knowledge in the production of prototypes for the INK & food for babies companies.
Also start a partnership with an international company that send us to explore more than 38 countries in the world doing projects. 


Investment & Growth

NOXAE start buying terrains looking forward for the constuction of new facilities to face the new challenges of the market.

2017 to 2019

Developing own Products

Noxae now changes the business and start producing own machines for the softdrink companies, new products & names on the way. 

Our Contacts


Rua de Vale de Pereiras, nº 962
Apartado 113
3730-901 Vale de Cambra


Phones: (+351) 256 188 325
Fax : (+351) 256 188 326

E-mail:                 Mrs. Paula Correia     Mrs. Joana Ribeiro              Mr. Pedro Costa              Mrs. Paula Correia

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